There is a lot of talk at the moment about Instructors / Coaches being accredited in order to teach their various sports, including Tai Chi. At the moment there is a much needed push by the Federal and State Governments to set a standard for all sports with regards to the people running clubs and Instructing / Coaching students.

As we all know Tai Chi is done for a number of reasons with each individual having their own goals and also their own limitations. The fact is however that Tai Chi is regarded as a Martial Art and therefore comes under the same guidelines as Kung Fu (Wu Shu) etc and therefore it is becoming more important to be recognised as an accredited instructor. Remember being an instructor brings with it commitments and responsibilities and these issues should be dealt with.

The plan to get all instructors accredited is basically to set a standard so that people are learning from qualified instructors. Being accredited ensures that the person instructing:

1) Has the ability and knowledge to be instructing.

2) Fully understands their moral and legal responsibilities towards themselves, their club and their students.

3) Is of sound and reputable character.

(For number 3, a criminal history check may be required.)

4) Has a current First Aid Certificate.

5) Has a basic knowledge of the human body (anatomy and physiology)

6) Can identify dangerous moves or exercises and take the required action, or adjustments.

7) Can tell by a persons past medical history if this sport is for them or not.

As you can see, becoming an accredited instructor will enhance your own profile as well as your own personal knowledge and status with regards to expertise in your field.

Those instructors that do not have Accreditation will find it will become mandatory to get Accreditation in order to instruct or even run a Club.

It is my personal opinion that all Tai Chi instructors, as with any other sport, should seek to get accreditation to teach, especially those that are members of the T.C.A.A. as this will make yourselves more qualified and also reflect well on the T.C.A.A. as we can honestly state all instructors connected with us are qualified.

Accreditation can be applied for through the A.K.W.F.(formerly F.A.K.O.) phone No (02) 9679 1742 FAX No (02) 9679 1744

Note: If you join the A.K.W.F. there are a host of benefits offered including cheap car hire and also Instructor discounts for insurance.

David Suker



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