Level One Tai Chi Accreditation Course

This course is mostly conducted by the AKWF, and leads to coaching certification with the Australian Coaching Council. However the Association has, with the co-operation and encouragement of the AKWF, put together a Tai Chi specific course that, when done along with the AKWF’s coaching course, lead to certification as a Kung Fu/Tai Chi instructor. The total course consists of 15 units. Units 1 to 10 covers:-

Units 1 to 10 are the same for the majority of the 80 sports currently being accredited by the Australian National Coaching Council.

Units 11 to 15 are sports specific, and these are the sections organised separately by the Association. They are as follows:-

Unit 11: Hand and Arm techniques

Different hands in different styles

Upper limb – Discussion of different hand shapes such as hook hand, open hands or Tai chi fist and while participants need to know the different styles and different ways, they only need to be familiar with their own style.

Unit 12: Foot and Leg technique

Stepping and kick – This includes empty stance, horse stance, bow stance and the principle behind a kick and again. Participants need to know the difference between styles but only need to be familiar with their own style.

Unit 13: Single hand – 4 push hand techniques

Ward off, roll back, press and push – The model is based on Yang Style which is reasonably common knowledge to most practitioners. Participants will learn the essential requirements for each part of this technique.

Unit 14: Stances, body movement and transference of weight

Stances of different styles, body alignment and transference of weight - Again, an elementary knowledge of different styles and to be familiar with their own style.

Unit 15: History

What is Tai Chi? – This is a basic history of the different styles but the participants need to have a deeper understanding of their own style. Also a brief understanding of the history of Tai Chi.

Comparing to external schools, the common ground and the differences – The basic similarities and differences.


Date: To be advised

This course is open to all members of TCAA who are qualified to do their AKWF Level One Course. The criteria is that you need to have learnt tai chi for five years and be a teacher or assistant teacher for a period of no less than one year before you finally receive the certificate. You can complete the course before they have reached five years etc but their certificate will be withheld. When you have passed the accredited course with AKWF you will be certified as a Kung Fu Level One Coach by the Australian National Coaching Council. However, if you complete the Tai Chi component, then your accreditation will be Kung Fu/Tai Chi.


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