Bei Fung Tai Chi Chuan (Northern Style)

Chang San Feng was the creator of Tai chi Chuan. The two main purposes of Tai Chi Chuan are Health and Combat. Every individual who has mastered Tai Chi Chuan has his or her own preference of applying Tai Chi Chuan. Styles are just individualized practices and applications of Tai Chi Chuan according to the individuals own interpretation based on his own experience and ability.

Bei Fung Tai Chi Chuan is not a School or sect but an indication of where this style of Tai Chi Chuan has circulated from in China. Students are also trained in Chang Chuan and therefore their style has a very solid foundation. Bei Fung Tai Chi Chuan is difficult to learn (and master) as it has not been diluted or modified, the forms are not widely practiced or taught and are often viewed with skepticism. Although the sequence of postures is similar to the old Yang style long forms, particularly those of Chen Wei-ming, the extended hand, rigid thumbs and strong postures give the form a very martial appearance.

My teacher, Sifu Chang Seah Meng did not advertise nor actively promote his style and would often say, "To demonstrate well requires a solid foundation and strong posture, you need to learn your art from childhood." Sifu Chang Seah Ming was born in Shanghai in 1921. He specialised in Acupuncture and Chang Chuan, hand cornbating technique and Bei Fung Tai Chi Chuan from Northern China. Master Chang was trained by his Grand Father in-law, Grand Master Zhou Yi Shan a reputed Martial Art Grand Master in the Pudong province of Shanghai China.

 have included a photo of posture number 107 from the Bei Fung 108 posture Tai Chi Chuan form. The English translation of the posture is: Kick right, separate the legs snake against the crane.

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