My name is Alex Galvan. I want to tell you a little of my life story. I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Even though we have a big family there, we decided to migrate to Australia to build a better future. I was 25 years old and married to a wonderful lady by the name of Rosa, together we had two little daughters Andrea and Julia.

In 1973 we started our new life in Australia. Rosa and I worked so hard that our bodies slowly started to deteriorate. When I was 33 years old, I saw an Asian family doing a form of exercise that I had never seen before. I approached them and ask what they were doing, and they told me it was called Tai Chi I thought it look good, but that was the last I thought about it until two years later when my body was getting worse. I went back to the park to see them, they welcomed me and for ten years they taught me how to join my mind and body together. This is what Tai chi is all about.

I later met a Chinese Couple, who are both masters in Tai chi, Master Xia Shoude and his wife Liwenying. This brilliant couple are the founders of the Academy of Chi Advancement (ACA), and they both graduated from the prestigious Beijing Institute of Physical Culture and Sport.

I love what I do. Im passionate about the exercise; its so gentle and so elegant that it makes me feel good. The ability to get in touch with myself through Tai Chi, Qigong, meditation, and being able to share this with others, fills my heart full of joy and happiness.

In early 1997 I met my partner and dear friend David Rondell. We shared a dream of one-day seeing lots of people gathered together, teachers, students, Masters and beginners of the beautiful art of Tai Chi, in one Park. We wanted to share the energy with the community of Sydney, and throughout Australia, so we included a healing tent, and gave our friends the opportunity to join us in our crusade. Our dreams didnt stop there. We believed that united, we could reach the whole world with this holistic healing.

In June 1997, we held the inaugural Global Energy Field Tai Chi Festival. In November of the same year, we held our second festival, followed by our third festival in November 1998. Through the Global Energy Field Tai Chi Festivals (which led to the idea of holding a Global Energy Field Seminar I have had the opportunity of establish a great relationship with Masters, teachers and students of Tai Chi Qigong, Kung fu and wingkun, all of them become part of what I am today and I want to acknowledge my gratitude to Dr Paul Lam Founder of Better health Tai Chi Chuan for his kindness, and for all he did to help me to become a better person. Also to Master Zhang Hao, the Founder of Chi Chinese Healing College of Tai chi and traditional Healing Chi-acupressure Massage. I would like to thank Master Zhang Hao for his patience and knowledge in this field.


Bondi Junction Bondi Beach

My name is Alex Galvan I have been training in martial arts, hard and soft for the 19 years,

And teaching in Bondi Pavilion since 94. I am also the event Organiser for the Global Energy Field Tai Chi festivals and Global Energy Field seminars.



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