Health Funds Response.

One of the things high on our agenda was an approach to the Health Funds with a recommendation that they consider reimbursing the cost of tai chi classes. We have received some responses:

Medibank Private "I was most interested in reading the information you have supplied regarding Tai Chi and its benefits to the health of the population. Your Association should be warmly congratulated for its promotion in Australia.

At this time, Medibank does not pay benefits for personal fitness schemes under which these Tai Chi classes would be designated. However the information you have furnished will be utilised when our products are reviewed in the future".

AXA Australia Health Insurance: "in summary, AXA recognise the value of alternative health care services and the fact that many of our members receive relief from non conventional forms of therapy, which have proven to reduce other associated medical costs. We are constantly monitoring the needs of our members and letters such as yours are appreciated as they provide information on how we can improve our benefits. Your proposal to include Tai Chi as a rebatable modality will be considered in our review of product cover".

A more encouraging reply:

MBF "Recently MBF was pleased to announce the introduction of MBF Lifestyle Bonus which will provide benefits for activities promoting healthy and active lifestyles"."I am pleased to inform you that Tai Chi classes have been recognised for inclusion". MBF will provide a refund of up to 70% of the cost of classes.certain qualifications apply, but talk to MBF for more information.



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