Introducing He Style Tai Chi

"He" Pronounced "Kir" (Mandarin)

He Style Tai Chi originated from the Zhaobao -Style shadow boxing, which was created by Wang Zongyue during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). For seven generations it was passed only to the male offspring of the Wang clan. It was not until early twentieth century when Chen Qingping became the first student of Zhaobao-style shadow boxing not from the Wang clan, and when he taught students this martial art became public. In 1840's a student from Chen Quinping went to Beijing and studied. He absorbed the quintessence from other schools, came back to show his Master and got permission to teach under his own name. This was Master and founder of He Style Tai Chi, Sifu Kir Cil Yong.

This style was introduced overseas by Ji Changxiu, who is the 11th generation a woman master of He Style Tai Chi, one of the branch schools of Zhaobao style shadow boxing. Other branch schools were Wu &Sun style.

Ji Changxiu began to learn Chinese traditional fighting arts when she was young. At first she learned changquan boxing and shaolin boxing from her uncle and when she grew up she learned some shadow boxing. She finally became a student of Zheng Wuqing and began to learn He Style Tai Chi. Zheng Wuqing appreciated this woman student very much, and she quickly became his best student.

Over 15 years ago Ji Changxiu left the mainland for Hong Kong, where she set up a Hong Kong Zhaobao He style Shadow Boxing School, in order to introduce Chinese culture to the world. Master Ji Changxiu has countless students, many coming from the U.S. Canada, Australia, Singapore, Thailand and Taiwan. In Australia Sifu Henry and Joan Murray teach He Style Tai Chi. After many years of searching and practising Tai Chi Henry was travelling overseas and watched Master Ji in practise and appreciated the beauty, uniqueness, and applications of this Tai Chi. Henry started practising with Master Ji, and quickly adapted to the style, after years of practise and dedication Henry and Joan got permission to teach He Style Tai Chi in Australia. Henry taught this system to his son and daughters who already were teaching and practising in Australia. One of the characteristics of this unique Tai Chi is the faster pace.
Learning procedure

. 1. Learn the Movement. 2. Study the accuracy. 3. Learn internal/external. 4. Application.

After giving demonstrations in China & Hong Kong Competition Henry & Joan set their goals to establish a National - International Competition for all players of Tai Chi to bring all systems, teachers and students together to enjoy all the benefits of learning from all systems, making this everyone’s competition. They named this competition The Peaceful Challenge, which was a great success in 1998, and hope for even bigger and better on the 9th October, 1999. Henry & Joan are doing their best to have all Tai Chi people from not only Australia but from throughout the world help each other as much as possible. Already they have established international contacts, which are willing to spread the word of The Peaceful Challenge, and they know we are willing to do the same for them. So if it is within our powers to help you with promotion in anyway please contact us on 02 46 309 432..

Henry & Joan Murray
Macarthur Martial Arts


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