Tai Chi

Tai Chi is the essence of all life. It is the origin of all life, it is that which is before and after all living things, hence it is the origin of our universe as we know it and that which we do not know. It is an idea which rests on a concept of unity and completeness.

Most people come to Tai Chi with much to give away, that is stress, ego, notions of perfection, ideals, fear of living with themselves, fear of others, inferiority, and Tai Chi accepts all of these imperfections because it embraces all. It does not try to seek perfection so therefore is perfect, it does not ridicule humanity so therefore becomes one with all living beings. It is the essence of tolerance.

In your daily life Tai Chi comes alive. This is the most relevant place for the art of living for it is life itself. Look at life and what we see is that growth is slow into maturity so take things slowly and do not rush.

Everything has a beginning and an end so realise which is the beginning and go peacefully about the task without any immediate desire as to the outcome. This will ensure a peaceful complete finale. Also realise there is a middle and an end so when in the middle of a task...feel it, look where it has come from and see into the distance where it is going. Are you on track, have the foundations set been solid and adequate ...if so proceed quietly.

Everyday life rests on breath. Breath is the inhalation of the absolute essence of life...CHI. It is a divine substance which can only be felt by the body via heat trembling vibrations, movement of the mind, emotions, feelings of security, faith, love. It is a uniting force. Each day devote some time to breath and meditative action or silence so you can thank the universe for the breath of life. This is good for yourself and also sends a song to the universe of your sense of unity with everything...your faith in life and your sense of oneness with all that has been and will be. When you devote this meditation do not expect anything in return ...just give it whether it is in the form of your work, your silence etc... Have no desire except the one desire to not be demanding. Be free of your small petty self and feel the immediate liberated self ..... NOW. Find time to see the majestic, the magical.... listen to the song of the sunrise, the love of a flower, the sound of water in your local creek.... nature is the blueprint for Tai Chi. It loves us and feeds us all the time unconditionally.

Gerard Menzel


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