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Formed in 1997 as an information center and as a guide for practitioners of Tai Chi, in particular Chen Style. My name is Stephen D Cramb, I am an Australian who lived in Hong Kong for the 15 years and have been involved in martial arts for 20 years. The early days were spent in External (hard) styles; i.e.Tong Long, Wing Chun &Hung Gar and, although I was aware of Internal (Soft) styles, I believed the stories associated with Internal Strength were made up in myth so I practiced only External Kung Fu.

As the years went by, I came in contact with Tai Chi Chuan and began to appreciate the beauty & power that Tai Chi has to offer. Several years ago I began my practice in Tai Chi, Yang Style 85 pattern followed by Toi Sau (push hands) & San Sau (two person set) as taught by Sifu Wong Ping Kwong student of Yiu Kwong.

Next came my introduction to Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan. My training in Hong Kong was under Sifu Li Nga Fong (Chairman of Hong Kong Chen Style Assoc.& Committee member of the Shanghai Chen Style Tai Chi Research Assoc.). I was then fortunate enough to have been introduced to teachers in China who greatly improved my understanding & skills.

My teacher, Chen Wun Har, of the Chen Village, was teaching in Shenzhen. She is a medal winner (push hands) & a New Style specialist who grew up living next-door to Master Chen Zheng Lei, the current 19th generation successor.

I was then introduced to Sifu Wang Hai Jun, one of the most dynamic exponents in Chen Tai Chi today, winning 1996/7 the National Championship in Chen Style & Sword as well as 75/80kg Push Hand National Champion. He is also a First Class National Referee/Judge & Advisor to Hong Kong Tai Chi Assoc. He, like his teacher Chen Zheng Lei, is highly regarded & he teaches at his school in Zhengzhou, Henan, China.

Now based in Brisbane I am teaching traditional Chen Tai Chi Chuan as I learned it in China. My club is actively promoting Tai Chi in the greater Brisbane area and we welcome all new members to get involved .

Also, I can assist as a guide service to foreign students wishing to study Chen Tai Chi in China. Day trips to ShaolinTemple & to Chen Village can also be arranged. Cost of tuition is greatly discounted if booked through me.

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Martial Arts History

First began Martial Arts during the Ď70ís with Judo for a while then Tae Kwon Do with Moon Lee.

1983-94 Hung Gar Kuen. Under David Yuen in Brisbane then under Chiu Wai in HK.

1995-96 Wing Chun under Gary Lam (student of Wong Sun Leung) in Hong Kong

1996 till present. Tai Chi Chuan Chen & Yang styles, firstly studding in Hong Kong under Wong Ping Kwong, Li Nga Fong.

1998 traveled to Zhengzhou (Chenjiagou) in Henan, China. I spend 3-5 months each year at the Zhengzhou Wushu Training Institute under Wang Hai Jun/Chen Zheng Lei.

1999 Dropped the Yang style to focus only on Chen Style.

Competitive Record

1998 5th International Tai Chi Conference Wenxian, China.

Winner- Best Performance Lao Jia Yi Lu

1999-6th International Tai Chi Conference Wenxian ,China

Winner- Excellent Performance-Demonstration section

Gold Medalist in Chen Traditional Sword form

Silver Medalist in Chen 56 Competition Form

2000 Australian Wushu Tai Chi Titles

Gold Medal in Chen style hand form

Silver Medal in Chen Sword form

Silver Medal Overall Grand Champion.

Teaching History

1997 assistant to Wong Ping Kwong (HK) teaching Yang Tai Chi

1997-8 Assistant coach for Chin Woo Athletic Assoc.(HK) & HK Ching Yee Tai Chi Assoc. for Lee Yuen King

1998-9 Tai Chi Coach for Ray Wilsonís California Fitness Centreís in HK.

2000 Established the Australia***Chenjiagou Fa Jing Tai Chi Research Assoc. in Brisbane.

Stephen Cramb


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