Congratulations to both Darren Cox and student Martin Harnett of the Australian Li Chi Hsiang Tai Chi school for their well deserved placing in the events in which they entered. Also and perhaps more importantly the manner in which they applied themselves to the competition event.

In October 2000 Darren and Martin both entered the 3rd Australian Peaceful Challenge, which is an International Wu Shu and Tai Chi Chuan tournament. A large number of schools competed in different styles of Tai Chi Chuan and was well attended by schools nationally and internationally. It was held this year at Minto, Centennial Stadium Sydney.

The Australian Li Chi Hsiang School of Tai Chi Chuan Sydney, entered into a number of competition events. Darren and Martin were particularly keen to enter all categories of the Push – Hands events, which develops the sense of touch, balance, relaxation and yielding. The push hands event was broken up into three separate competitions. Stationary stance, restricted step and freestyle, and participants were categorized into their relevant weight divisions.

As Darren remarked "In all three events it was very important that you be relaxed as much as possible so you could listen to what the other person was trying to do." The stipulation of event organizers was that you first make contact to wrist and elbows and do three circles. You then try to put the other person into a ready to be beaten position. Basically get the participant off balance, and then guide or lead their energy into emptiness. So, that they find themselves in a vulnerable and clumsy position.

Darren entered all three push hands events and won two gold medals and a silver medal, Martin whilst narrowly outpointed was approach later by the event organizer and complemented, on his exemplary behavior and the manner in which he competed.

Both Darren and Martin also entered in the Cheng Man Ching, 37 step solo form presentation. Darren was placed second and received a silver medal and Martin placed third receiving his well deserved bronze. As Darren again remarked, "It was an exciting day and an excellent way, not only to test your skill but also to meet other Tai Chi Chuan players of the many and varied styles, from all over the world".

Organizers of the Peaceful challenge Mr. Henry and Mrs. Joan Murray are well deserving of congratulations, for their very positive promotion of Tai Chi Chuan in Australia. I dare say any event of the size and nature of the peaceful challenge, would present itself with any number of logistical nightmares. May the success of the event in which they host continue growing by the year.

Sifu Roman Czerniawsky is the head instructor of the Australian Li Chi Hsiang Tai Chi Chuan NSW school, where both Ray O’Reilly and Darren Cox are senior instructors. To all members of the Li Chi Hsiang School congratulations once again for a job well done.


International Peaceful Challenge Sydney Australia 2000 2nd and 3rd Generation practitioners From Left; Chris Connor, Sifu Roman Czerniawsky, Dan Carroll, Martin Harnett, Darren Cox, Ray O’Reilly.,(Martin Harnett 3rd Place Cheng Man Ching Form,)( Darren Cox 2nd place fixed pushing hands,1st place moving and 1st place freestyle pushing Hands 2nd Place Cheng Man Ching form).


confirmed date for the 4th Peaceful Challenge 2001 is September the 8th at a venue yet to be confirmed.

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