My China Trip

By Carol Hillman

I was very fortunate to be able to travel in China for 17 days in October/November 2003. I had studied Chinese politics and history at university some 20+ years ago and it was the realisation of a long held dream to be able to travel there and see the country for myself.

My Travel Indochina brochure describes China as:

"A country like no other—the scale, the grandeur, the history, the mystery, the people and their ever increasing importance in world affairs—all offer the most wonderful and challenging experience for the traveller."

The highlights for me were:

Old and new—China—overwhelming! When I got home (exhausted), I vowed that I would not return to China. Despite the amazing places, sights and experiences I had been to, seen and had, at times I found the cultural differences and understandings about personal space, privacy and hygiene somewhat confronting and certainly challenging. However every time I look at my photos I relent a little. Perhaps when my Tai Chi has improved ……...


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