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The South Australian Branch of the TCAA held their first meeting on Sunday, 27th July.Present at the meeting were Bronwyn Taylor, Susan and Jeff Collins, Deborah Warland, Jennie Bould, Ken Wade, Ngei Sui Kan, June Gamba, Rosemary Palmer.

The morning was organised to give interested members a chance to meet each other, share ideas and find out the direction we wished to travel in. Our group was a mix of students and teachers.

Insurance was a hot topic as was Accreditation which was discussed in length. Most at the meeting did not have accreditation (it is not yet a requirement in SA) and there was some confusion as to what was required. Rosemary agreed to follow this up with the National Committee. It was agreed that TCAASA would keep everyone informed on any developments in this area.

A list of Free Risk Management Seminars for both metropolitan and country areas organised by the Department of Recreation Sport and Racing was tabled, as was information on the National Wushu Competition in Melbourne.

Sui felt that our publicity was lacking and would like to see some funds spent on advertising in magazines, newspapers etc. Rosemary agreed to pass this on to the National Body for discussion at the next Committee Meeting. Life Be In It promotes different activities each month in both city and country areas for people to Come and Try. After a brief discussion it was decided to take advantage of this facility. We would get free advertising at the beginning of the year and it would give Tai Chi a much needed boost. It was agreed this go ahead for February, 2004. Jennie will approach Alan Kelson of the Tai Chi and Qigong Institute to use his expertise in this field to assist with organisation and a free TCAA Park Lesson. Jennie suggested the a standard brochure be created which can be used by all States with our own insert detailing up and coming events. This was considered an excellent idea.

Also discussed were discounts for members and a interest in a China Trip.

We all agreed that the meeting was helpful and that we will keep in touch between now and our next meeting with any relevant events, such as workshops, park lessons etc. via the internet.

Main Features

1. Life Be In It - Come and Try for the month of February 2004. It includes metropolitan and country areas.

2. Discounts: We currently have a 5% Discount with the Eternal Spirit in Goodwood Road and 10% Discount with New Dimensions TS Bookshop on South Terrace.

3. Risk Management: Locations and dates available.

4. Next Meeting: Sunday, 23rd November, 10.00 am.

If you would like further information or would like to be part of the Come and Try, you can contact Rosemary on 83817969 or



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