The Peaceful Challenge 2000 Update

The 3rd Australian Taijiquan and Wushu Titles were held on October the 7th. The organisers would like to take this opportunity to thank all who helped to make the day a success. The support of our sponsors, officials, judges, and volunteers are greatly appreciated. Special thanks and congratulations go to our wonderful competitors who participated at a particularly high standard with great spirit of friendship and camaraderie. We have seen participants improve their taiji tremendously over the past 3 years. The Peaceful Challenge will continue to strive towards providing a world class platform for our national athletes to prepare for the World Wushu Games and also the Olympics Games. We have already seen some great prospects on the horizon for future international events.

The rules and regulations of the Peaceful Challenge are of International regulations. Our judges did a fantastic job in their consistency and accuracy of their scoring. We've had lots of very positive feedback about the way the officials made sure the day went smoothly and all of the players needs were catered for. Despite the long and busy day for all the only thing that seemed to go against us was the heat. Unfortunately we had no control over the extreme weather and seemed to get the only hot day in October! We are very aware that it was a very uncomfortable day for all. Especially the players in their great uniforms trying desperately to stay cool and relaxed. This has become a major concern over the last 3 years. The Peaceful Challenge committee has decided to move the competition into September for 2001 instead of October. The confirmed date for The Peaceful Challenge 2001 is September the 8th. Our venue is yet to be confirmed but please mark this date in your diary.

Over the last 2 years we have been running the pushing hands divisions. Competitors have been performing very well considering this is a very new event for all competitors. We are continuing to promote the use of taiji principles in this event. Even though most competitors were unfamiliar with the finer points of the rules, this can only improve for all as we move on to the next Challenge. We hope that all participants are looking forward to next years push hands.

Our seniors categories were as usual very impressive, motivating and encouraging for all. Proving once again that itís never too late to learn new art. It was great to see that people from all walks of life taking part in Taiji making this a truly Australian and multicultural event.

Our warmest congratulations also go to Sifu Alex Galvan being the first inductee into the Australian Taiji Hall of Fame. He was presented his award by the president of The Peaceful Challenge, Sifu Henry Murray. Sifu Galvan has given so much towards the promotion Taiji in Australia over the years and is also an exemplary player of taijiquan. He is a great example to others in maintaining "rooting" not only in taijiquan but also in the way he lives his life. Being incredibly humble, gentle and encouraging are just some of the qualities of Sifu Galvan that makes him such a great person. Once again congratulations Sifu Galvan.

The highlight as always came at the end of the day. The Masters demonstrations. These had everyone in total awe at the grace and power of experience and perfection. Sifu Zhang Jun Feng from Beijing did a fantastic sword form which left everyone speechless. Also a pushing hands demonstration from Sifu Harvey Lee from Sydney showed the power of taiji in action. Sifu Howard Choy also from Sydney demonstrated impressive strength in his Qigong exercises demonstration. Not to forget the powerful demonstrations of Sifu Sam Li, Sifu Zhizhuo Sunny Li, and Sifu Ken Goh.

The Peaceful Challenge has been growing now over the years and is becoming known internationally. All credit go to the players who really have set the Australian standard and continue to strive towards raising the bar. Even though we are becoming internationally recognised The Peaceful Challenge maintains its original purpose in providing an event where all players can come to enjoy the wonderful styles of taiji and build new friendships. An event where beginners are welcome as much as advance players and all are treated with equal respect. A platform where taijiquan as a whole is promoted and presented to the international arena.

Once again the date for The Peaceful Challenge 2001 is September 8th. We thank you all for a successful Peaceful Challenge 2000 and look forward to seeing you all next year. Till then take care and keep practising.

The Peaceful Challenge Committee


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