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AUGUST  2010
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Master Zhang in Sydney
Master Ren and Lou Reed
Members at Bradfield Park
Tai Chi Neurobics
Accreditation Course Intake
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World Tai Chi Day - SA
Hong Kong Kung Fu
China Tai Chi Holiday
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New CD
 Tai Chi Music 2
by Dr Paul Lam
 Tai Chi Music 2

The 8 pieces of music are composed specifically to complement and enhance the practice of tai chi. For the artists on this recording, it was a journey to express in music the feelings aroused by Tai Chi.  They hope that you will hear the same beauty and inner strength that Tai Chi inspired in them. 

 Chen Taijiquan - Lao Jia Yi Lu & Straight Sword 
by Master Ren 
Master Ren GuangYi has worked tirelessly to bring Chen style Taijiquan (Tai Chi Chuan) to the West since 1991. In this DVD, he beautifully demonstrates two fundamental Chen-style Taiji forms: the 75-movement long form, Lao Jia Yi Lu (Old Frame 1st Road), and the 49-movement Straight Sword form. 
 The Key to Qi
by Gadi Levy-Golan

 The Key to Qi (Chi) is a comprehensive, motivational book that teaches the underlying principles of Qi, our Life Force energy, and guides the reader towards a deep understanding of how to harness Qi, activate and direct it effectively to create profound good health, energy and graceful anti-aging.
Tai Chi for Arthritis
12 virtual lessons
by Dr Paul Lam


- DVD suitable for any tai chi beginners 
- Medical studies confirm Tai Chi for Arthritis relieves pain, reduces falls and improves quality of life, that is why the Arthritis organisations around the world support the program.
- Combining a decade of teaching and research experience, Dr Lam presents new movement sequences in an innovative teaching format in these 12 real time lessons.  Dr Lam also explains classical tai chi principles to enhance your understanding and enjoyment.
 Kung Fu for Kids
by Ben Warner
Kung Fu for Kids is an instructional program that teaches children the basics of traditional Kung Fu in a fun and exciting way. It starts with a simple, follow-along workout that introduces calisthenics and the basic stances, blocks, punches and kicks of the YMAA kids curriculum. 

Ode to 108 


In February Syd put out the call

To learn from him in Bunyip Hall

He said "Tai Chi" if you make a start

Huge benefits you'll gain for your heart

Lungs, brains and wrinkle free

When you learn to harness inner Chi

So we kicked off our shoes and got started

By week 2 many had departed

By week 3 we could bend our knees

Turn 180 to the right with ease

Chris Brown's peom June 2010
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Presidents Report 

Hi everyone. Well the middle of the year is here. Trust all is progressing well for you and your training has been fruitful. The recent TCAA competition on the Gold Coast was a success thanks to the Competitors, Judges and Officials plus the many spectators that attended. The report on the comp can been seen is below.


TCAA Open Tai Chi Competition Results 


TCAA is always looking for interesting articles to go into its Newsletter so if you have any articles relating to Tai Chi and training, contact the Newsletter team to get them in as soon as you can.


Just a reminder about your memberships that is now due. Get your form filled and into Ken ASAP.


A date will be set for the TCAA AGM soon and info will be sent to all members.


Well, stay dedicated to you art and I look forward to next time.



Dennis Watts

TCAA President

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Master Zhang is coming to Sydney 

My mother, Pansy Hsu, and Master Zhang Junfeng had the great good fortune of meeting each other by accident in a park in Beijing in the early 1990's.  My mother had been practising and teaching Taichi in Honolulu for quite a number of years when, feeling adventurous, she decided she would journey to China and stay for a month to further her training and knowledge.  She was in her mid sixties then, and feeling at a loss after the passing of my father, she was ever brave and ventured forth alone to pursue her passion in this most venerable of Chinese Martial arts. 


Wandering around in one of the parks in Beijing early one morning, my mother's sharpMaster Zhang Junfeng eyes caught sight of this particular young man who was practising Taichi among a crowd of his  peers with their master.  She stopped to watch his most graceful of movements and greatly admired his purity of form.  My mother later discovered that Zhang Junfeng was at a stage in his life when he was engaged in the most physically challenging period of his taiji training, for it was during this period that he was involved in National and International competitions and tournaments.

At the age of 9, inspired by the then block-buster film in China, "Shaolin Temple", young Zhang took up Shaolin boxing.  Later he learnt Ba Gua with well-known Master, Lui Jingru.  During that time he also learnt Chen style Taichi with Master Xie Zhigen.   Read more...   

It is with much excitement that I am finally bringing Master Zhang to Sydney in early September for an in-depth workshop on Traditional Yang.  I hope to learn much, to deepen my understanding, and as well to provide all like-minded colleagues an opportunity to share in Master Zhang's expertise.  For information please see Upcoming Events in this TCAA newsletter.  To download a workshop pamphlet and booking form, please visit the website: http://anjingtaiji.blogspot.com/2010/06/tai-chi-workshop-with-master-zhang.html

   Article by Angela Hsu Cantafio
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Master Ren and Lou Reed - Sydney Opera House 

On a rainy morning in June, more than 150 people have gathered in the Sydney Opera House for a free "Tai Chi Power & Serenity" workshop by Master Ren, as part of the Vivid LIVE festival.
Master Ren is the teacher of the Rock Star Lou Reed from new York, and part of his stage performing companion. 
The two held a 4 days workshop both inside and outside the Opera  House. 
  Video of Master Ren Link here


Master Ren

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Members Gathering at Bradfield Park - NSW 

The recent TCAA members gathering at Bradfield Park, Milsons Point was a great occasion and those who attended enjoyed the time to talk and experience the various forms.

Most of us present thought we should make it a regular occasion, say, the start of each season. It was good to hear the points made by various teachers and I'm sure most people came away with a little more knowledge about TCAA.


(See other photos and letter accompanying this article). 

Brian doing Fan

For example, it was wonderful to hear from students how Tai Chi has enhanced their lifestyle etc.

For the next gathering, we should look at an indoor venue, as central to most suburbs if possible. Bradfield Park, although picturesque, has the disadvantage of trains passing overhead on their way to Milsons Point Station, and the park area is on a slope, with not much shade cover.


I brought along new member David Walker to meet the group, and his talk and ideas were greatly appreciated by those present. David comes with extensive experience, both as a teacher and author, and his expertise should be of great value to us.


We all hope that some other members of TCAA will take the time to write into the newsletter, as we can all learn from each other's experiences.


Until next time, take care.

Brian Gregson (Tamworth)

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Tai Chi Neurobics

Travelling in China I could not help but be impressed by the Tai Chi Grandmasters because, advanced in years though they were, not only were they physically active and able to do things that I, 50 or so years their junior could not,  but also they had an air of enthusiasm and involvement for life rarely seen in the elderly.  I resolved there and then that this was the sort of attitude and life that I wanted to have when I approached their age and thus began my Tai Chi Journey!

Mental alertness, humour and an air of involvement with life was thus always something that I associated with a successful practice of Tai Chi.  Over the following decades I was able to follow the growing scientific knowledge about the various lifestyle benefits of Tai Chi.  How Tai Chi improved the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, its positive benefits for the musculoskeletal and immune systems and so on.  It was fascinating to see how many of the claims for Tai Chi, that might at first, seem a little "out there" would sooner or later be validated by various scientific research.

But how could Tai Chi keep the mind and brain healthy?  What was the mechanism involved ?  There were interesting hints from studies showing Tai Chi delayed the onset of neurological  age related diseases such as Altzheimer's. An even more fascinating study on the impact of repetitive physical limb manipulation of those with Cerebral Palsy  showed an unexpected  rise in IQ.   Still the ancient saying that Tai Chi would "provide the suppleness of a baby, the strength of a lumberjack and the wisdom of a sage" still seemed a little over the top as far as wisdom was concerned.  For many decades I contented myself with interpreting this statement as indicating that as Tai Chi taught you to understand the operation of yin and yang within the universe so one acquired the "wisdom" to deal appropriately with what one experienced.  Not that Tai Chi had a physical effect on the brain.  Read more...   

  Article by David Walker

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Accreditation Course Intake 

Dear Kung Fu Wushu NSW Members Members

I am pleased to be able to advise you of the following confirmed Accreditation Course Intake.

14 August - 9am to 5pm
Ken Brown Room
6 Figtree Drive

This is a confirmed intake, application forms can be sourced from our Website.

Best regards

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PPCA Licensing Fee Increase

Meg Hutton

Dear Tai Chi instructors,


You may be aware of the recent decision (May 2010) made the Copyright Tribunal to increase the fee to play copyright music in class by 1500%! See message below from Fitness Australia. This massive increase could have a quite major impact on small businesses running fitness and tai chi classes, unless instructors have access to non-copyright or original music.


See below a message I received from Rosemary Sage, Executive Officer Recreation SA

 "Copyright Tribunal out of tune, says Fitness Australia The fitness industry said it is extremely disappointed with the Copyright Tribunal decision to substantially increase copyright fees for the use of music in group exercise classes, following the outcome of a fierce battle with the Phonographic Performance Company of Australia (PPCA). The current PPCA license fee is 96.8 cents per fitness class with a capped annual maximum of $2,654. The Copyright Tribunal has today increased this substantially, to either $15 per class or to $1 per participant, which equates to an increase of 1,500%1 for the cost of a PPCA license in a typical fitness centre.  Read more...  

  Article by Meg Hutton 

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World Tai Chi and Qigong Day - SA

World Tai Chi and Qigong Day

The weather was perfect for World Tai Chi and Qigong Day in Adelaide.  Several schools took advantage of the weather and came along to share skills, renew friendships and spread the message of  "One World, One Breath.

Again our thanks go to Ian McFarlane who supplied the PA System and to Bill Ramsay who did such a good job promoting the session.  Also I would like to thank all the Tai Chi Schools who encouraged their members to come along and share this day.  Over 30 people came along to share WTQD and it was wonderful to see such unity and friendship within our Tai Chi community.

South Australia 

TCAA Meeting and Workshop.

We followed the WTCQD session with our bi-annual meeting.  This was well attended and most stayed on to enjoy the "Push Hands" workshop, presented by Committee Member, Deborah Warland.

Deborah emphasised  that "Push Hands" was not about trying to push each other over using physical strength but was about "listening" and being sensitive to the incoming force.  We tried several techniques to encourage "listening"  and we thank Deborah for this enlightening workshop.

Our next meeting and workshop to be advised.

Rosemary Palmer (SA Representative)

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Hong Kong International Kung Fu Festival 

Dear Martial Arts Fans and Practitioners,


We are pleased to advise you that the Hong Kong International Kungfu Festival 2010 will be held in Hong Kong 26-28 November 2010.  The Festival is an integrated cultural event held to celebrate Hong Kong and China's unique martial arts heritage.  The event pays tribute to distinguished local martial artists who made the city the global hub of Kungfu, including Bruce Lee, Yip Man, Jackie Chan and Jet Li.


If you have any questions about the tours or the Festival, please do not hesitate to contact us at kungfu@momentousasia.com, or Momentous Asia's office in Hong Kong at (852) 2369 2062 or fax (852) 2369 2060.

We look forward to welcoming you to Hong Kong to take part in such a momentous event!  

   Hong Kong International Kung Fu Festival Tour  

   3 Days 2 Nights Nanhai Foshan Tour 

   5 Days 4 Nights Shaolin Temple & Central China Tour

   Booking Form  

Best regards

Momentous Asia Travel & Events Company Ltd

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China Tai Chi Holiday 
Tai Chi Fitness Australia

Shanghai, Wudang Mountain, Yangtze River Cruise, Chengdu, Xi'an, Beijing 11/10 - 27/10/2010, 17 days.

Imagine yourself

practising Tai Chi atop the ancient city wall of Xi'an; and then learning with the masters inside Wudang.  China Trip Details.  For Bookings, or further information, Contact: 9686 2282 or 0421 282833, Email: info@tcfa.com.au, www.tcfa.com.au
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From the Editor

Dear TCAA Members,

I hope you are getting ready for spring and feeling the amazing Qi that flows with every change of season, when we are tuned to Mother Nature and its blossoming energy.
Having carefully thought about our mutual need to constantly announce new events and invite members to participate in our seminars and master workshops, we have come up with a new format.  The What's On page will be updated monthly (Once a Month!), and can be available as a link from the TCAA website. You will be able to send updates and market your events by using this link.
Here is the format for submitting your future events to the What's On column:
(Name of Event)
Bookings and Contact:
Since we are unable to upload images to the What's On page, you can include a link to your webpage or event on Facebook, your own Website, your Google Docs page, etc'.
I wish you all a great Spring and keep up the spirit of eternal youth through energy of Tai Chi and Qi Gong,
Love and Light,


NSW State representative - TCAA


The views and information supplied by the contributors of this newsletter, whether expressed or implied, are not necessarily the view of the TCAA inc. All material has been published by the Editor and the TCAA in good faith.