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Presidents Report 

Hi everyone,


Well here we are at the business end of the year 2010. At this time many schools close for the festive season. It is also a time when many teachers look to update skills by attending the many Workshops that are run over December and early January.


This has been an interesting year and one that has kept us on our toes. TCAA ran its Open Tai Chi Competition in July with great success and introduced Pushing Hands into its competition format. This was met with great success though it still needs to be twigged just a little.


We also trust you have enjoyed the Newsletters under the guidance of Gadi Levy. We invite you to submit articles to the Newsletter. Remember it is yours and if you have interesting things you want to share, send them in.


I would like to take this moment to thank all the TCAA committee members for their efforts throughout the year. A special thanks to Ken Goh as he does have a lot of responsibility and to Gadi for his efforts with the Newsletter. Gadi will not be standing for the position of TCAA NSW Representative in the New Year due to commitments. If you would like to nominate for the position please contact me through e-mail dwatts@qldnet.com.au .


I would like to wish all members and your families the very best for the Festive Season, and to thank you all for your support of TCAA. Enjoy your Tai Chi journey into 2011.

Dennis Watts

TCAA President


Annual General Meeting


The TCAA will hold its AGM in Melbourne on January 4 at Hawthorne Gardens, 750 Toorak Rd, Hawthorn East from 6pm. All members are invited.


Dennis Watts

TCAA President

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NEW Paid Ads in TCAA Newsletter


From January 2011, advertisements placed in the main body of the Newsletter will incur charges.

The requirement to charge for advertisements came as a result of many requests to place ads for products and services by members, to the extent that there was competing requirement for space and time with a possibility of appearing to be unfair to those rejected. Charging for the privilege is intended to solve this problem and fees collected will pay partially for the Newsletter and advertisement web format facility.


Paid advertisement options are:

For ads presented in side panel.
$20 for up to 50 words, Thumbnail image (3x4cm), and link to your website. To advertise, click on "To Advertise Here" link.

For ads in main body at bottom of eNewsletter after Editor's message.
$50 for up to 250 words, image (7x10cm),and link to your website.

To advertise, click on "To Advertise Here" link for details.


"What's On" webpage

Information about goods and services not paid for as an advertisement will henceforth be placed on a "What's On" webpage accessed from the electronic Newsletter and also from the TCAA website.  The page will be updated weekly or monthly as required. It is a free listing but will not have any images - only events details, links and text. Content must of course be Tai Chi or QiGong related.

Postings to the "What's On" page can be made by members at any time by clicking on the "Post to What's On" link for details. 

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Dragon Boat Race 


A TCAA member school supported the Dragon Boat racing event on Sunday 31st October 2010 organised by Dragons Abreast Australia, a charity which helps post-treatment breast cancer patients. 

The Boat Race was in the Darling Harbour and was attended by large crowds and family. Tai Chi was "played" to add to the ambience for a good cause. 

Posted by Ken Goh

Dragon Boat Racing event

Dragon Boat Racing event

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News from South Australia

Moon Lantern Festival at Elder Park

The S.A. branch of TCAA were delighted to be part of the Moon Lantern Festival on 22nd September this year.   The Festival was extremely well organised by the Chinese community and the Festival Theatre.   Members from various schools including the Moving Meditation School of Tai Chi, Tai Chi for Everybody and the Adelaide Academy came along to be part of the celebrations and we had a great time sharing skills.   We have been invited to take part again next year and will and this will on our agenda at our next meeting.                                

TCAA Park Session, Meeting and Workshop

Following the success of our other activities we have arranged to kick off the New Year with a Park Session in at:   

Peace Park, Edwin Smith Avenue (behind the Zoo)
on Saturday, 29th January at 10.00-11.00 am.

This will be followed by a meeting at Immanuel Lutheran Hall, Archer Street at 11.30 am.  We encourage our members to come along and take an active part in decision making.  Refreshments are provided.

During 2010 we have offered a workshop at the end of the meeting.  The workshops have been a great success therefore we plan to continue during 2011.  Our guest presenter our first meeting of 2011 will be Meg Hutton.  Meg will introduce a Qigong sequence, which I'm sure will be most informative and enjoyable.  Thank you Meg for offering to give this workshop.  

Rosemary Palmer (S.A. State Representative)

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2 Day Instructors Training Workshop in Sydney Jan 2011

                                       Presented By Exercise Medicine Australia

Date:  Wed. & Thu. 5-6 Jan. 2011
Course:   Tai Chi for Health & Falls Prevention
18-Form Tai Chi Fan for Health and Wellbeing
(Choose either course)

  Fri. & Sat. 7-8 Jan. 2011
Course:   Qigong for Health & Fitness
16-Form Tai Chi Sword for Health & Fitness
(Choose either course)

Venue: Pyrmont Community Centre, Corner of John and Mount Street
Pyrmont, Sydney  (Close to Darling Harbor and Star City Casino)

Contact details:
Exercise Medicine Australia
Tel: (02) 9281 8868
Add: 240 / 303 Castlereagh Street, Sydney 2000

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The Place of Push Hands in Tai Chi Chuan


Push Hands is a two-person training activity. Its purpose is to develop the following:

  1. Push HandsSensitivity to a partner's intention:  "follow" without rigid resistance nor disengaged, and maintaining balance.
  2. Grounding whilst under pressure:  "grow roots" and "open" to let incoming pressure go straight to ground, and maintaining balance.
  3. Throwing power:  setting up partner into a rigid structure and throw partner off balance - "fa jing". Maintain balance.


"Following" and "Grounding" belong to the Yin aspect of Push hands; fa jing is the Yang aspect. Practising Push hands will bring greater depth into the forms, and in turn the form-movements will be performed with the skills learnt in Push hands and bring greater depth to Push hands to complete the circle. Throughout the exercise, maintaining balance under pressure is the aim. The Tai Chi greats suggest that we must be relaxed like a baby, and must "invest in loss", ie not be upset when losing control, and instead analyse the reason for losing control and work out ways to maintain control.

  Click here to read more..... 

Article by Ken Goh, Treasurer TCAA

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Bali Qigong Trip 

Hi Everybody,

All organised!  We're going back to Bhanuswari Resort for another 10 days of Qigong and yum from 2-11th July 2011.  The Resort's even building a huge new Yoga Shala, an open-aired building in traditional style just like their Reception area for our practice as well as a second swimming pool which they were digging by hand as we were leaving last Aug.  Their web site's worth a look.  www.bhanuswariresort.com  and below is the 2011 Retreat details for your temptation.

So, if you're interested or know someone who might be, let me know and I'll send along info.  If you prefer hard copy, just include postal details.  If you don't want me to bug you anymore, let me know that too.

There are 3 retreats back to back in 2011 - before the Qigong, we have Yogalates (4-13 June) then Veronique Kopf from Melb offering is ZenAttitude Yoga which is vinyasa style ( 18-27 June) The 2010 Qigong Retreat in had us floating over the rice paddies!  Fantastic.    One of my favourite bits is the chance to meet the many wonderful people I'd never know otherwise.  Then there's the chance to practice, to eat and to mooch around in the warmth of the tropics.  Just lovely!!

Anyway, I trust the year a fantastic one and that there's plenty of family and fun ahead as we beetle our way towards Christmas.   


Sending my love and best wishes

With metta from both Glenda and Anne

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  "I've been doing Tai Chi for 20 years and no one mentioned the breathing".  anonymous

BreatheI have to say again how surprised I was when this person said the above quote to me at our TCAA get-together at Milsons Point, Sydney in June I didn't question his background, where he learnt Tai Chi, but I know he was interested in the breathing strategy after doing some Tao Yin movements.

The basic theory and principles are quite simple and remain the same for all Chi Kung styles.

The Yin and Yang come into the discussion too, in that Chi is classified as yin because it can only be felt, while the physical body is classified as yang, because it can be seen. Yin is the root and source of the life which animates the Yang body (physical body), and manifests power or strength externally.

In practising Chi Kung, you should understand the three 'treasures'. Jieng (essence), Chi (internal energy) and Shen (spirit). The main goals of Chi Kung training are to learn how to retain your Jiang, strengthen your Chi flow and enlighten your Shen.

  Click here to read more.......  

Article by Brian Gregson 

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From the Editor


Season's Greeting Everyone!


Time has come to summarise yet another marvellous year, as 2011 is fast approaching.  Its time to reflect and to reassess our goals and achievements. Have you taken a moment to ask yourself if you have practiced as much as you wanted to, during the past year.  Have you helped others with your Tai Chi and Chi Gong knowledge and experience.  Have you made the world a better place with your Qi?


We would like to thank you for your support during 2010 and looking forward to working with you during 2011.


I hope that you too are looking forward to a well deserved break over the Christmas and New Year period!  Wishing you a wonderful, restful and happy holiday season!



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The views and information supplied by the contributors of this newsletter, whether expressed or implied, are not necessarily the view of the TCAA inc. All material has been published by the Editor and the TCAA in good faith.