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KenWelcome to the year of the Horse. I trust the next year will find you reaching new heights in your exploration of the intricacies and usefulness of Tai Chi.
Regrettably, this year, we will be unable to bring in the TCAA Open Competition. The Competition Committee finds itself swamped with other urgencies and will be missing datelines that are necessary to make the event successful. For this year at least, TCAA shall be supporting the AKWF (Kungfu Wushu Australia, KWA) as far as competitions go. 
What's ON

28 Mar
AKWF Kungfu Wushu entries close
3-4 May
Jin Training Weekend Workshop
30 May - 1 Jun
Wild Goose Qigong Retreat
22-29 Sept
Norfolk Island Health Retreat
25-26 Oct
Taipei International Tai Chi Chuan Tournament

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Deadline for next Newsletter June 13th
Get to the KWA website and look into EVENTS. Select events in your state or National. For example, in National, you will see:
"Kung Fu Wushu Victoria is pleased to announce it will be hosting the 2014 Australian Kung-Fu Wushu Championships. It will be held on May 4, 2014 at Monash University - Clayton Campus.
Registrations are done online at
Entries close on March 28, 2014."
Tai Chi Events in this Competition are:
Bare Hand:
- 24 Step Simplified Tai Chi
- 42 Step Competition Tai Chi
- Yang Style
- Chen Style
- Wu Style
- Sun Style
- Wu (Hao) Style
- Other Style
- 32 Step Elementary Straight Sword
- 42 Step Competition Straight Sword
- Other Straight Sword
- Other Weapon (Fan, Broadsword, etc)
Duel Events
- Choreographed sparring sets of Bare Hand to Bare Hand, Weapon to Weapon or Bare Hand to Weapon
Well, go for it :).
For events in your state, look often in the State tab, and watch for the announcements for 2014 events.
Perhaps it is now even more important that State Reps organize get-togethers to share ideas or be exposed to something different. Contact your state rep and urge them to organize something. They will respond if there are enough members pestering. See TCAA website http:\\ for contact email/phone.
If you are wanting to qualify as an instructor under the National Coaching Accreditation Scheme, NCAS (Australian Sports Commission), you should follow the link to the KWA website for courses in the TCAA website. KWA updates with courses as they become confirmed. The NCAS qualification enables you to obtain insurance through the KWA that is appropriate if you are into teaching the martial aspect of Tai Chi, eg push-hands. ~ Ken

The 3rd Taipei International Tai Chi Chuan Tournament 

This Tournament will be held Oct.25~26 in Taipei, Taiwan.
Organised by ITCF (Chairman: Larry Chang), a Non-Profit organization, this tournament aims to be inexpensive but with rich activities. 
For more detailed Tournament Regulations and other information, see:  The website is in Chinese and you can use your browser to translate, otherwise you may have to email for information in English. Email:  

Penny Needs a Relief Teacher 

Wanted: a qualified Tai Chi / Qigong teacher to replace me while I'm away during the second half of the year.
I teach gentle Qigong and Tai Chi to Seniors in Avalon, in Sydney's Northern Beaches. We've been doing Shibashi 1 and 2 and a little of the Yang Style 24 Form. This term I've put an emphasis on breathing, encouraging Dan Tien breathing, which some students find quite a challenge. I've been running this class for 18 months now, and we've spent a lot of time on fundamentals, which they seem to enjoy. It's an easy class to teach, the students are a really lovely bunch of older women, some quite fit, and others who are older and need to go very gently.
The room where we practise is in Avalon village, surrounded by cafes etc. It's quite small but looks onto a park, and you can open the doors onto a deck. It's also just two blocks from the city bus. 
The class is government sponsored and pays $50 per session. I need someone to cover me for Term 3 and Term 4. Is anyone interested? Please contact me, Penny Auburn at

Have a Norfolk Island holiday packed with QiGong

Norfolk Island Health Retreat
For more information

Travel Package : $1599 per person | Travel dates 22-29 September 2014 (from Sydney)
For more information on Travel Package, visit Norfolk Island Gigong Workshop.

Norfolk Island Travel Centre Ph: +6723 22502 
Ph (free call) Australia: 1800 1400 66  Ph (free call) New Zealand: 0800 008810
Email:  Web:


Master Peter Wu, Jin Training Weekend Workshop 

Master Peter Wu, Jin Training weekend workshop, May 3rd & 4th, 110 Eagle Hts Rd, Eagle Hts, Tamborine Mountain.

Raise your Taijiquan skills to a whole new level. 2 days $250; prepaid by 18 April $240; one day $130.

For more information on Master Wu see or contact Gai Wanless 0409 066 501 or

Da Yan Wild Goose Qugong Retreat

Editors Note

Dear Friends,

GadiIt is the time of the year to prepare for the World Tai Chi and Qi Gong Day event. Next month, on April 25th the Tai Chi and Qi Gong community worldwide will gather for a day of sharing the practice and love for the Chinese internal martial and healing arts.
Please get organised to send us your wonderful photos with proper captions, and don't forget to send them also to Bill Douglas, the head of the world Tai Chi and Qi Gong day organisation.  (Emails: or
Looking forward to your wonderful photos and stories,

Gad Levy-Golan ~ TCAA Newsletter Editor

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