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This month we feature a good news story as well as a poem from TCAA members. These stories help us reflect on how Tai Chi has been a part of our shared experience. We appreciate the contributions of all members who take the time to tell us about their practice. 

Let's circulate our good news stories to all who are part of the Tai Chi community and inspire others to contribute, and by doing so, lift the spirits of students, teachers and the general public alike. Whether your story is about health and wellbeing, friendship, sense of community, solo practice or your personal achievements, others will surely benefit from what you have to say. 

Also please let us know what kinds of training courses you would like to participate in this year. Zoom is great for distance education on all kinds of topics, including unpacking parts of the form, first aid, learning how to teach Tai Chi (which is harder than it looks!) or setting up your own Tai Chi school. 

In the meantime ... happy practising!


How many people know about the achievements of this World Champion, an ordinary TCAA member from regional New South Wales?

Miciah Guglielmi commenced practising Yang Tai Chi in Newcastle ten years ago after spending the previous decade studying several kinds of martial arts in the USA and Australia.  He says “I was interested in martial arts from childhood and wanted to be stronger and better than the rest. This meant being the best in competition and to do this it’s necessary to train and compete against the best. Tai Chi has balanced me and my life with focus and drive." His determination has led Miciah to win medals in Tai Chi forms and weapons since 2013.

Before the Covid -19 lockdown in March 2020, Miciah travelled to Columbus, Ohio for the Arnold’s international Martial Arts Festival, which features Forms competition as well as Extreme Push Hands. It attracts competitors from many martial arts backgrounds. The rules for Extreme Push Hands vary from our own TCAA events to include sweeps, strikes, hip and shoulder throws as well as tackling. After winning gold medals in  Forms and Extreme Push Hands, Miciah says his opponent told him “I never ever felt anyone like you before” because Miciah could "find him every time. Playing in accordance with the rules, the skill is in being able to remove someone without hurting them” says Miciah.

     Arnold Schwarzenegger at Columbus, Ohio                               Miciah in action at the Arnolds
At 43 years of age Miciah attributes his achievements to the form based training taught to him by his Sifu. Miciah wants his students to integrate the principles of Tai Chi into their movements to achieve health, strength and martial effectiveness.
You can read more about Miciah on https://newcastletaichi.com.au  


Cloud Hands
by Colleen Z. Burke written March 2020
Everything’s shutting down                    
and we’re doing                                
Qi Gong Tai Chi                
in the local park                             
The morning's awash
with a green tang
as air bristles with rain 
until that too is forbidden
beneath a louring sky
On uneven earth
crinkled with leaves
we find our balance
legs shoulder width apart
inhale exhale
raise arms up down
Reeds beside the lake
shiver in slow winds
The flying goose rises up
We scoop the sea
look at the sky
push waves back and forth
Open close arms —
the dove sleeps
white crane spreads its wings
butterflies amongst the holly
Cloud hands dance air —
two hands hold up the sky
painting it with rainbows
grasping the moon
mimic falling stars
embrace the tiger -
push the mountain
flow with rhythms of silk reeling
gather the chi
a tranquil moment
             cloud hands drift