The 2003 National Wushu & Tai Chi Competition was held at Melbourne University Sports Centre on Sunday 31 August 2003.

An enthusiastic audience, in excess of 350, attended a full day of competition from students of Wushu and Tai Chi schools from all over Victoria and interstate from as far north as Queensland and south to Tasmania.

Over 130 competitors comprised some 160 Tai Chi and 140 Wushu event/entrants.

Tai Chi Styles included 24, 42 and 48 hand forms, Traditional Wu, Chen, Yang and Hao styles as well as Short and Long Weapons and a team event.

Wushu entries included Chang Quan, Nan Quan, Short, Long, Double and Flexible Weapons and traditional styles such as Ba Gua, Xing Yi, Liu He, Xiang Xing and Hung Gar together with team and dual events.

In addition to the thrills of competition spectators were rapt in a series of Master's Demonstrations by renowned Grand Master Liu Jing Ru and Masters Zhu Dou Juan, Mee Kuan, Liu De Ming, Dapeng Wang, and Peter Wu.

Both Dual and Group Events proved to be exciting with Golden Lion Academy winning the Group event and Tai Chi For Life receiving a standing ovation for an exciting Wushu Group presentation. The Dual Event was taken by Jin Ju Wushu Academy (ACT).

As always the medal presentations were exciting with the spread of winners covering a wide range of schools and locations. Michael Chen (Qld) taking the Individual Men's medal, Angela Seeto (Qld) the Women's, Christopher Gan (Vic) the Junior Male and Jayde Kirchert (Vic) the Junior Female. Yong Liang Li an independent competitor from Victoria took both the 24 and 42 Forms Men's Open and Sue Rule was the Women's Open winner in these events. The Overall Team Champion medal was taken by Southern Shaolin International Wushu and Tai Chi Academy from Queensland.

The ANWTA would particularly like to express sincere appreciation for the sponsorship donation by the Tai Chi Association of Australia to assist the promotion and development of Wushu and Tai Chi in Australia.

A full list of Tai Chi event winners is below.




24 Forms

Men's Open

Women's Open

Men's 45 to 54

Men's 55 & Over

Women's 45 to 54

Women's 55 & Over

Yong Liang Li

Sue Rule

Francis Kwok King Choi

Christopher Davey

Cecilia Choi Chow

Marlene Sykes

42/48 Forms

Yong Liang Li

Sue Rule

Francis Kwok King Choi

Fei Wei Sou

Pam Riordan

Chris Everett

32 Sword

Stuart Parnham

Jennifer Goard

Francis Kwok King Choi

Yun Ying Choi Chow

42 Sword

Edric Hong

Darlene Beauchamp

Francis Kwok King Choi

Fei Wei Sou

Pam Riordan

Esther Shohet

Wu Style

Yoke-on Chang

Sarina Chan

WuDan Tai Yi Quan

Yong Lian Li

Chen Style

Edwins Fung

Mee Wan Wong

Esther Shohet

Yang Style

Craig Hopkins

Larissa Koroleva

Peter Sawyer

Hao Style

Tonia Chapman

Traditional Weapons

Benjamin Cheng

Sarina Chan

Danny Chan

Cecilia Choi Chow

Esther Shohet

Group Event

Golden Lion Academy

Overall Team Champions (Wushu/Tai Chi)

Southern Shaolin International Wushu Academy

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