Sunday 2 August 2009




Gold Coast


8.30am to 6.00pm

Contact Information

TCAA Competition Organiser:

Dennis Watts

Po Box 1040

Coolangatta 4225



Tele: 07-55451874

Mobile: 0419763360

E-mail: dwatts@qldnet.com.au




Competition Date:

Sunday, 2 August, 2009

8.30am – 6:00pm (Registration between 7.30 and 8.30pm Sunday August 2 at the

venue) Doors will open on competition day at 7.30am to enable competitors to warm

up ready for competition starting at 9.00am, directly after official opening at 8.30am.

2. Venue:



Information regarding accommodation and public transport options will be available on the TCAA website for those athletes traveling from regional Queensland and Interstate. However, TCAA will not endorse, nor fund any such arrangements.

3. Competitors Qualification For Entry:

(1) Open to all Tai Chi organizations, schools and students.

(2) Competitor must submit the required enrolment and Waver forms and pay the

     designated fees (refer to Competition Fees and Registration)

4. Competition Event Categories and Divisions:

Tai Chi:

1. Bare Hand:

1. Tai Chi 24

2. 42 Combined Forms

3. Yang Style

4. Chen Style

5. Wu Style

6. Sun Style

7. Other Tai Chi Routine

8. New Optional Routines Note; This event will be judged on IWF 1999 rules

as the judges and hardware to judge the new rules are not available at this

point. An Acro (Gymnastics) matted area will be available for this event.

2. Apparatus:

32 Sword

42 Sword

Tai Chi Broad Sword/ Saber

Tai Chi Fan

Tai Chi Long Weapons (Spear/Staff)

Other Weapons Forms. Note: If you want your weapons form in competition it is

up to you to enter it in.

3. Group Events: (minimum 6 participants)

Group performance of Bare Hand or Apparatus.

Note: All events will be conducted on a hard floor. Please consider this

when selecting the events you wish to compete in. All athletes will be

competing on the same surface.


5. Participation Methods:

Each participating athlete may only enter three (3) events in one

division only to be eligible for Grand Champion. 2 bare hand and 1 weapon.

Each division, Novice – 1 year or less training, Junior – to 14 yrs, Youth 15-18 yrs, Open, Over 45, Over 60)

will be divided into male and female categories.

(3) Each participant may enter only for one (1) group event. In group events,

teams shall consist of no less than 6 persons and no more than 10. Groups

may be mixed male and female.

6. Relevant Requirements:

The competition will adopt the "Rules for International Taolu Competition"

endorsed by the IWUF in 1999. These Rules can be obtained at www.akwf.com

(2) Time Limit:

Tai Chi & Apparatus Events:

1. Bare Hand 24 Forms: not less than 4 and not more than 5 minutes.

Warning bell given at 4th minute.

2. All other Bare Hand routines: not less than 5 and not more than 6

minutes. Warning bell given at 5th minute.

3. Sword: not less than 3 and not more than 4 minutes. Warning bell

given at 3rd minute.

4. All other Apparatus routines: not less than 1 and not more than 4

minutes. Warning bell given at 3rd minute.

Group Events:

Not less than 4 minutes.

7. Placings and Awards:

Novice (no more than 1 year Tai Chi experience), Junior (to 14 yrs), Youth 15 – 18, Open, Over 45’s, Over 60. Male and Female athletes are awarded separately.


1st Prize - Gold Medal

2nd Prize - Silver Medal

3rd Prize - Bronze Medal

NOTE: If there are less than 4 competitors in an event only one (1)

medal will be awarded.

Grand Champion Trophies for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, Male & Female. To be eligible for the Grand Champion, competitors must be competing in no less than three (3) events in the same division consisting of 2 Bare Hand and 1 Weapon forms. Grand Champion will be decided in the Men’s and Woman’s Junior, Youth, Open & over 45 & Over 60. No Novice Grand Champion.

Grand Champions will be decided on:

a. the highest sum of scores in their three (3) selected individual events.

b. If this is a tie, highest score total in 1st places.

c. If there is still a tie, the IWUF rules for resolving a tie will be followed.

(5)All competitors will receive a Certificate of Participation.





8. Competition Fees:

1st event $30

2nd events $20

$15.00 for each additional event after this

Group event $50 per team per event. (Minimum 6 members)

Note: TCAA financial members receive a 10% discount. Please deduct and

ensure you enter your TCAA membership number .

9. Registration

Competitor must submit the required enrolment form and Waiver together with the

Competition fees to:

T.C.A.A. Open Tai Chi Competition 2008,

PO Box 1040,

Coolangatta 4225,


Note: Cheques and Money Orders only. Please make your cheque or money order payable to "Tai Chi Association of Australia"(New bank rule no abbreviations).

Closing date for registration is Friday 19 of June 2009. No late entries will be accepted.

Refunds only issued in special cases and will be subject to administration costs as

decided by the T.C.A.A. Competition committee.

10. Competitors Costume, Uniform and Foot Wear

Wear appropriate Tai Chi/Kung Fu Costume/uniform/T-shirt, however no

distinguishing name and/or logo of any school and/or organization will be

permitted. Penalty will be one (1) full point deducted from final score by Head


Martial arts style athletic or any rubber-soled sports shoes/sneakers

must be worn (performance with bare feet is not allowed).

11. Appeals Jury:

(A) The appeals jury will consist of the Competition Organiser, Competition Head Judge and Three (3) Competition Judges.

(B) All teams (clubs) prior to the competition shall nominate a ‘Team Manager’ and advise the competition organizing committee. This nominee shall be the only reprehensive of that team or club to liaise with and/or lodge appeal with the Chief judge.

Following Prize Giving and Immediately prior to the competition being officially declared closed it should be announced that "any appeal must be made now". Any appeal shall be in writing and on the official form provided setting out the reason for the appeal, the competitors involved, and be accompanied by a fee of $100. This fee will be returned if the appeal is upheld.

The appeal must be made on the day of competition and must be adjudicated by the Appeal Committee. The Official Competition Referee shall immediately notify the team manager of any other competitor named in the appeal and the team manager shall notify the competitor and the basis of the appeal. All appeals must be adjudicated on the same day as competition.

If an appeal is upheld, then official positions that may affect competitors shall be advised through the Team Managers who must remain available until the appeal is completed. Any change of position that will incur medals or trophies to be returned will be the responsibility of the Team Managers. The Official Competition Referee in conjunction with the Competition organizer may only change records of the competition. The finding of the appeal by the Appeal Committee will be final.

The Appeals Committee will accept no appeal after the competition being declared closed.


12. Competition Judging

Judges will consist of IWUF qualified judges, AKWF/NCOS Judges, plus Interstate,

local Judges and Masters.

13. Enquiries

All enquiries directed to Dennis Watts, Competition Organiser, Phone 07-55451874, Mobile 0419763360, or E-mail: dwatts@qldnet.com.au.

Competition Organising Committee Members:

Dennis Watts, Ken Goh, Gai Wanless




















Entry Form

Tai Chi Association of Australia Open Tai Chi Competition 2008

Surname…………………………….……………. First Name:……………………………………………………


Tele: (H)……………………….(W)………………..…….. E-mail:……………………………………………………

Tai Chi Bare Hand:



Division (select only ONE per Event)






Youth Adv

Over 45

Over 60

1. Tai Chi 24


2. 42 Combined Forms


3. Yang Style


4. Chen Style


5. Wu Style


6. Sun Style


7. Other Tai Chi Routine

List Style:


Note: Optional Routines separate entry form must be submitted. Obtain from Dennis Watts



Category Division (select only ONE per Event)







Over 45

Over 60

1. 32 Sword


2. 42 Sword


3. Tai Chi Broad Sword/ Saber


4. Tai Chi Fan


5. Tai Chi Long Weapon (Spear/Staff) please circle


6. Any other Weapon Form

List Style:

Group Performance: Please list competitors for group event in this section

Names of Individuals in the Group Event School you belonging to












Fees: (see Rule 8) T.C.A.A. financial members receive 10% discount.

Total Amount: $………….. T.C.A.A. No. ……….

Cheque or Money Order only will be accepted.

Payment must be submitted with this entry form, cheques and money orders made payable to; Tai Chi Association of Australia.

Entry Closing Date, Friday 28 of March, 2008. No late entries accepted





Tai Chi Association of Australia Open Tai Chi Competition


Exclusion of Certain Rights to Sue

(Section 97A Goods Act 1958 and Goods (recreational services) Regulations 2003

About This Form

Under sections 91 and 92 of the Goods Act 1958, several conditions are implied into contracts for the sale of certain goods and services. These conditions mean that the provider named below is required to ensure that the recreational services it engages in with you are:

- rendered with due care and skill; and

- as fit for the purpose for which they are commonly provided as it is reasonable to expect in the circumstances; and

- reasonably fit for any particular purpose or might reasonably be expected to achieve any result you have made known to the provider.

If you sign this form, you waive your rights under sections 91 and 92 of the Goods Act 1958 to sue the provider for losses relating to death or personal injury if the provider’s breach of these requirements results in your death or your personal injury. Signing this form does not affect any rights that you may have under other sections of the Goods Act 1958 or any other Acts or laws. You should be aware that signing this form may have an effect on any insurance policy that covers you for death or personal injury. If you have any concerns about the effect of signing this form you should discuss this with your insurer or legal adviser.


Exclusion of Certain Rights to Sue

To the Tai Chi Association of Australia Inc. (known as the Provider). 64 Charles Place JANNALI, NSW 2226, In consideration of my acceptance to participate in the 2008 Tai Chi Association of Australia Open Tai Chi Competition,

On the understanding that all steps have been taken by the Tai Chi Association of Australia Inc. to avoid the danger of death or personal injury by complying with the Risk Management Policy of the MAIA, Code of Practice for Martial Arts Event Promoters and Tournament Organisers of the MAIA and the Wushu Competition/Event Sanctioning Prerequisites formulated by the AKWF.

I hereby for my self, my executors or my administrators I acknowledge that there is risk involved in taking part in the 2009 Tai Chi Association of Australia Open Tai Chi Competition and I waive any right which I may otherwise in the future acquire to recover from. the Tai Chi Association of Australia Inc, its servants or agents damages for death or injury to my person or property occasioned in the course of my participation in the Championships.

AND I UNDERTAKE that I will at all times in the future indemnify the Tai Chi Association of Australia Inc., its servants and agents and keep each of them indemnified against all suits actions and causes of action and other claims and proceedings of whatsoever nature which might be taken against any of them by me or any persons claiming through me or on my behalf in respect of or arising out of any death or injury to my person or property as is aforesaid.

Further, by signing this form I understand I waive my rights to sue the Tai Chi Association of Australia Inc. for losses relating to my death or my personal injury that results from a breach of a condition specified in sections 91 and 92 of the Goods Act 1958. I understand that if the Tai Chi Association of Australia Inc has not complied with any law about the proper completion of this form and how my signature is obtained (for example, if the Tai Chi Association of Australia Inc. has made a false or misleading statement in relation to the steps taken by the Tai Chi Association of Australia Inc. to avoid the danger of death or personal injury), or has acted recklessly, the Tai Chi Association of Australia Inc. cannot enforce this waiver.






{ Signature of Participant: _____________________________ Dated: ____________



{ Full Name of Participant :________________________________________________



{ Address of Participant: __________________________________________________



{ Witnessed By (signature): __________________________ Dated: ______________



{ Full Name and Address of Witness :________________________________________


{ If participant is under 18 yrs:

{ Signature of Guardian: Dated:



{ Full Name of Guardian:





Please Note: All competitors must complete this Waiver form, including individual competitors who may only be competing in the Group Event. No competitor will be allowed to compete without signing this Waiver Form. No exceptions.



Submit this Entry Form with payment and signed Waiver Form to:

TCAA Open Tai Chi Competition, P.O. Box 1040, Coolangatta, Qld 4225, Australia


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