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This Declaration must be made by the member seeking a new listing on the TCAA Website as an INSTRUCTOR/TEACHER.

I, TCAA Registered Name above declare that:
  1. The information I provide for Teacher Listing is true.

  2. I shall abide by the TCAA Teachers' Code of Practice.

  3. I am insured for public liability and professional indemnity for the duration of my listing on the TCAA Website as a teacher of Tai Chi. My Insurance details are:
    Policy No  
    Valid from (dates)from   to

  4. I hereby indemnify the TCAA against all actions taken by any party resulting from my listing as a Teacher on the TCAA Website.

  5. I shall notify the TCAA as soon as I do not or cannot comply with any of the above conditions.

  6. I understand and agree that my listing shall be removed as soon as my membership of the TCAA is no longer current.

  7. I understand and agree that the TCAA has the right to remove my listing should there be any doubt relating to my ability to comply with the above conditions.

I confirm that I have made the declaration:

By selecting/checking the Submit Form button below, I agree to abide by the TCAA Teachers' Code of Practice and that that the above information is true:

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