Insurance Options for Members

If you are teaching publicly, part of the risk management is to have insurance. The information presented below is for the interest of members. Remember that all insurers require you to comply with their specified conditions so that statistically they will make a profit. If you are non-compliant, you may not be protected even if you paid your premium. Also, no insurance will protect you for illegal activities.

TCAA provides the information below for you to make your own decision about whether any of these insurance fits your circumstances. TCAA's information is not to be contrued as legal advice.

Remember - your insurance is a matter between yourself and the insurer; TCAA is not a party to the actual contract.

NCAS accredited instructors

AKWF/KWA negotiated Group insurance for NCAS accredited instructors


NCAS accredited instructors through KWA/MAIA.


Tai Chi as a Natural therapy

Insurance for those teaching Tai Chi as a NATURAL THERAPY.

We are pleased to offer Tai Chi Association of Australia members access to Gallagher to discuss your insurance needs and find the right cover for the activities you perform.

Gallagher is an international insurance brokerage, risk management and consulting firm, operating in 45+ countries. They are the chosen partner to many Australian businesses, from small businesses through to multinational corporations and iconic brands.

As a broker Gallagher, works with organisations to provide access to tailored insurance solutions that provide the right level of cover supported by their service.

Please contact Gallagher directly for further information:


Updated January 2021