GraphicIn March of 2020, The World Health Organization has announced that Coronavirus (COVID-19) is a pandemic. This is having a major impact on members running Tai Chi classes and has caused the deferrment of TCAA events such as: World Tai Chi & Qigong Day, Open Tai Chi Championships and Tai Chi Cultural Moon Festival.

The position of the TCAA is for members to follow the advice of the Australian Govenment.

TCAA states the following:

  1. TCAA is a non-profit sporting interest organisation.
  2. TCAA is not a medical authority.
  3. TCAA Committee is not constituted to direct or advise its membership on behaviour. It is a focal point of common interest in Tai Chi and any behavioural requirements are restricted to membership and to maintain the reputation of the Association.

Based on the above premises, the following are TCAA's suggestions (not directives) to members:

  1. Directives of the federal and state health authorities must be complied with, as they are enforced by Law and based on a nationally integrated assessment.
  2. Take all precautions necessary to protect yourself, your friends and families.
  3. Teachers have particular responsibility to not compromise their own and their students' health and safety.
  4. Keep practising your Tai Chi while complying with the government directives.
  5. Maintain/raise your general health, as you already do.


KWA Bulletins

GraphicFor your interest, TCAA has collated a number of bulletins from the Kungfu Wushu Australia regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, to which TCAA is affiliated, as well as members' feedback on our website.

You are warned that these are views only, and do not purport to interpret any medical or health directives. Neither do we wish to support any critique of any of the views. These bulletins may be useful reminders of the limitations that the current situation places on the conduct of our sport. They also usefully point out the compensations announced by government that are applicable to our sport and for some, our business.


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