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The Founding Members
The Founding Members

The Tai Chi Association of Australia (TCAA) supports Tai Chi of all Styles in Australia and is a member organisation of Kung Fu Wushu Australia which is the Government recognised National Sporting Organisation (NSO) and Peak Body for Kung Fu (Wushu) in Australia.

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The Tai Chi Association of Australia was born out of a meeting at a workshop run by Dr Paul Lam in Sydney, in January 1999. Officially formed at it's inaugural meeting in May 1999, the Association (see here for the Constitution) has the following aims:

1.To promote Tai Chi (Taijiquan)

2.To promote the Tai Chi standard of members

3.To promote the professional standards of instruction among members.

4.To provide a forum for professional and social exchange amongst its members.

5.To promote and conduct continuing education, research, collection and dissemination of information for the benefit of members.

6.To encourage the growth of participation in Tai Chi through united activities, programs and public events.

7.To provide responses to community issues affecting the members.

8.Without compromising the fulfilment of the above stated objects enumerated in sub-clauses (1) to (7), from time to time, to perform the following secondary functions:

9.To do all such things as the Committee of the Association considers necessary or desirable in the furtherance of the objects of the association.

For more information please read our Constitution.

What We Would Like to Do?

We would like to:

If we work together everyone will gain.

What Have We Achieved?

Regular newsletters: The Association produce newsletters for free distribution. The electronic format is distributed via email. Printed paper copies are distributed to members without email. Note that printed copies are more costly than email to print and post. Contributions and ideas are encouraged. Teacher members are encouraged to forward copies to their students.

Teacher Insurance: We support teaching members to obtain affordable and effective liability insurance.

Health Funds: We encourage health funds to refunds tuition fees of students of Tai Chi.

Open Tai Chi Competition: TCAA has organised an Open Tai Chi Competition since 2003. We help to identify Australian Team representatives to international Tai Chi competitions.

From the President: Communications from the President to members.


We invite all Tai Chi practitioners to join this Association, because we believe together we can do more for Tai Chi and ourselves. It is nice to have a space to share, exchange and network with fellow enthusiasts.

To ensure that our directions are kept for the future, we have written them onto our Constitution as a legal document.

How to join the association

All information about joining the association is on the For Members page