Promote your events

Policy on Promotion of TaiChi/Qigong Events by TCAA

TCAA organized events

This applies to events organized by State Representatives or their delegates. These events can be promoted through appropriate TCAA channels including:
  1. Broadcast email to members
  2. Placement on the TCAA Website.
  3. Placement on the TCAA Facebook page
  4. Placement in the TCAA Newsletter, subject to publication schedule.

Non-TCAA organized events.

This applies to events organized by members who seek additional publicity through the TCAA membership. Once approved by TCAA,
  1. Free events will be promoted if the Publications Subcommittee considers them to be of interest or benefit to TCAA members.
  2. Events that charge a fee will require donation of $50 to TCAA for emailing to nominated state members and $100 for emailing to TCAA nationwide members. Email attachments to should be no larger than 1.0 MB.


Contact the Events Manager to make your request through the online Feedback Form or email