Tai Chi Cultural Moon Festival 2019

15 September 2019, Redfern Town Hall, Sydney, NSW

The photographs below taken at the Tai Chi Cultural Moon Festival are shown in the order of the festival program.

Push Hands demonstration with James Gao and the Jing Ling Tai Chi Academy

Ba Fa Wu Bu by Peilei WuShu

Traditional Yang Form by Central Coast

Traditional Yang by Damon and Newcastle group

Traditional Yang by Yang Zhao group

Sun 38 Form from Eastwood group

Chen Form by Sunny Li

Chen Form by the Australian Tai Chi Institute

Mulan Taiji Fan by the Parramatta group

Baguazhang Taiji by Fong Lee

XingYi Form by Festus

Chen/Yang combination by Brian Gregson of Countrywide Taichi/Qigong College

Chen Practical Method by the Janet Ho group

Swimming dragon taiji by the Eastwood group

Xuan Wu Chuan by Amy Li

WuDang Boxing by PeiLei Wushu

Zui Fong Fan by the Australian Tai Chi Institute

Kungfu Fan by the Parramatta/BlighPark group

Immortal Flute particpation led by Amanda Heidke, The Tai Chi Centre Newcastle

Broadswords and Fan by Central Coast Yang Tai Chi

Yang 32 swords by Lidcombe and Chatswood Group.

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