World Taichi & Qigong Day
World Tai Chi
and Qi Gong Day

World Tai Chi & Qigong Day 2018

Saturday 28 April

New South Wales - Sydney

2018 World Taichi & Qigong Day (WTCQD) Saturday 28 April started with rain! Scheduled for Victoria Park, we took refuge within the Sydney University grounds, and it turned out to be quite nice and cosy as we were in a little amphitheatre. PDF poster. Go to the Photo Gallery for more photos

We started off with the "everybody together" Qigong and TaiChi forms:

This was followed at 11:15 by some beautiful demonstrations:

  1. Traditional Yang Style Taiji (James Gao)
  2. Traditional Yang Taiji form (Sam Ruan)
  3. Wu combination form (Amy Li)
  4. Sun Style Taiji 98 (David Dight)
  5. Chen Style Taiji Yi-Lu (Jayson Shao)
  6. Chen Style Taiji Er-Lu (Michael Tang)
  7. Wudang Quan (Ken Cheng)

  9. Tai Yi Tai Chi Chuan (Brian Corless group)
  10. Yang Taiji 40 form (Lyn Brownlow group)
  11. Taiji Yangsheng Zhang (Lina He and student)
  12. Yang Swords 32 (Lyn Brownlow group)
  13. Yang Swords 51 (Steve Heard group)
  14. Mulan Taiji fan (Parramatta Group)
  15. Tai Chi Ball (Brian Corless Group)
  16. Lotus flower Taiji fan (Parramatta Group)

In spite of the rain, the spirit and passion for Tai Chi/Qigong was not dampened on the day. Altogether we witnessed 15 demonstrations by very highly dedicated groups and individuals showcasing a range of barehand forms, namely, Yang, Chen, Sun, Wu, Wudang and Tai Yi. Apparatuses or weapons forms displayed by highly skilled martial artists included the straight swords forms (51 and 32), fan and tai chi ball.

We finished off the event with a group photo and adjourned to lunch.

The day was a resounding success as complimented by many participants. It is a once-a-year opportunity for enthusiasts travelling from all over Sydney to meet, join and practise together for friendship, health, mental and physical fitness.

Victoria - East Gippsland

Venue: Bruthen Mechanics' Institute Hall, Main Street, BRUTHEN

Time: 10:00am to 11:00am

Contact: Jill Thio - Phone: 03 5152 1870 or 0439 812 166


Tasmania - Wynyard

A FREE EVENT Sponsored by Waratah Wynyard Council

The session will be led by experienced Qigong teacher

Venue: Gutteridge Gardens (or at Senior Citizens Centre if it is raining)

Time: 9.30am to 10.30am

Contact: Jay McGough

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