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Combat Tai Chi Series - 7: Tai Chi Knee Strikes.

Combat Tai Chi Series - 4: Tai Chi Kicks

Combat Tai Chi Series - 5: Tai Chi Hidden Kicks

Combat Tai Chi Series - 6: Tai Chi Serial Kicks

Tai Chi for Falls Prevention

Bend With the Wind - a poem by Meg Hutton

Yin and Yang of Teacher and Student

2009 World Championships Toronto Canada

Combat Tai Chi Series - 3: Give Up and Follow

Combat  Tai Chi Series - 2: A Powerful & Unpredictable Weapon – Shoulder

Combat Tai Chi Series - 1: Tai Chi Fighting is Like Kissing

Is There a "Holy Grail" in Tai Chi?

Reaping benefits of the timeless principles of Tai Chi Chuan - an interview with Sifu Roman Czerniawsky

Examining Roots and Branches - an interview with Bill Law Sifu - (taking Cheng Man Ching tai chi back to China)

Minutes of the 2006 AGM

2006 Competition Report

To Practice the Fundamental is to Return to the Source.

Push Hands Workshop

Insurance Alternatives

State of Victoria Sword Regulations Update

Chi Kung?

Healing promise of Tai Chi Gong

Tai Chi the Dichotomy of Yin and Yang

Inaugural Tai Chi Championships in Tamworth

More on the Debate - Tai Chi for Health or Self Defense

Regulation of Swords in Victoria

AKWF Looking for TCAA Help

Should Competition Embrace All Styles?

Tai Chi for Health or Self Defense?

Knee, Ankle & Hip Joints in Good Balance

Double Weightedness

Cheaper Insurance

Importance of Student Needs

The Jigsaw Puzzle of Tai Chi Chuan

Image or Imagine

2005 Tai Chi Competition

Tai Chi Breathing

The Importance of Posture and Breath

My China Trip

Class Exemption Applied for (for Tai Chi Weapons)

Tai Chi for Balance in Victoria

Swords – Prohibited weapons (New Vic Regulations)

So … Tai Chi helps us to relax

East and West - Harmonising Strategies

Report on Accreditation

The Energy of the Body

New Study, plus a Request for Help - from Dr Paul Lam

Master Ma Hong and Chen Style Tai Chi

Relaxation under pressure – Why health oriented practitioners should give Tai Chi’s martial training another look.

5th National Wushu and Tai Chi Competition-Melbourne, 31 August 2003 (including results). 

News from South Australia

Breathing in Tai Chi

The Elusive Tai Chi Shoe

Mystical Qigong - Or Is It?

Don't Just Do Something - Sit There!

Insurance Report

Some thoughts on awareness

Essentials in Practice

Energy and the Human Body

China Travels

The Tai Chi Mind

Tai Chi Foundations - Asian Culture and Philosophy

Tai Chi


A Treatise on Tai Chi Ch'uan


Beginning Tai Chi

When You Want to Give Up

Chang San Feng's Treatise on Tai Chi Ch'uan

Martial Arts Expo for Tamworth

The Physics in Tai Chi Chuan

The Deadly and Deceptive Hands of Tai Chi

Bei Fung Tai Chi Chuan

Australia Chenjiagou Fa Jing Tai Chi Research

International Wushu Judges Accreditation Program,
Macao, 2001

Interview With Jane Yeo

Hi From Port Augusta

Re: Tai Chi Weapons.

Tai Chi, the Flow of Life

Australian Tai Chi Hall of Fame

Re President’s Comments –

A Journey to Three Gorges


Towards Fairer and Safer Push Hands Competition Rules

Qi and Quan

An Introduction to Tai Chi

Tai Chi Basics Revisited

Mindfulness and Small Circles

Chi the Divine Essence

Tai Chi for Arthritis and Enhancement Workshop

Tai Chi for Diabetes

A Magical Experience

Level 1 Accreditation Course

Fundamental Footwork

Book Review - Push Hands

Cheng Style Tai Chi Chuan - an interview with Bill Law

Tai Chi Chuan - by Sifu John Hartley

The Peaceful Challenge 2000 Update

Tai Chi With Luck

Tai Chi in Competition

The Song of 13 Postures

Warm Ups Are Incredible Things

A Story of Breast Cancer and Tai Chi

When You Grip the Sword

Book Review - Chronicles of Tao; The secret life of a Taoist Master

Chi Primordial Life Force and the Cultural connection

Qi_Jing_Shen - What are They?

The Ten Essential Points of Yang Ching-Pu

The Three Philosophers Most Influential to Tai Chi

Tai Chi - Why So Slow?

Instructor Profile - Raymond O'Reilly

Instructor Profile - Sue Airs & Louise Hambridge

Precautions With Warm Up Exercises

Tai Chi for Arthritis

International Tai Chi Competition

Thoughts on Tai Chi by Geoff Ashcroft

Why be Accredited

Biography-Alex Galvan

Health Funds Response

Tai Chi Competition & the Competition 42 Forms

A Message to Beginners

Tai Chi - A Martial Art


A Discussion of Tai Chi Basics

The Challenge of Tai Chi

A Letter

Introducing He (Kir) Style Tai Chi

Tai Chi-The Light Revealed


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